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Happy home? Clean home!

Did you know that numerous psychological studies have been done which have continually highlighted many positive benefits of having a clean home environment?

In a world where we are surrounded by a lot of negative news, fake news and stories of violence and war, creating a peaceful and happy home environment has never been more important.     We need to be able to have a safe haven where we can leave the problems of the world and office behind.

There are also some pretty worrying statistics about the amount of time we are spending with family and friends detailed in a recent survey by RUok (read report from ABCNnew here).

In the survey it was noted that on average only 6 hours a week were spent with family and friends.  Work, housework and other activities were blamed for  taking up time.

Check out our infographic  here.

Staying healthier

Research by the Indiana University showed that people with clean homes were both more active and more healthy, with less illness than those with messy homes (Psychology today).

Other surveys indicate that a clean bedroom helps to promote better sleep.

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Busy lives

Our lives are increasingly busier and we see a lot of technology being used to help us get things done and save time.   Getting smart with prioritising your time makes sense.

Employing a regular cleaning service gets you back 2 or more hours a week, and with those statistics showing that many families are only enjoying 6 hours a week with family and friends, those 2 hours mean a lot!

It’s surprisingly affordable to engage a professional cleaner.   We do recommend you use a well known service where the staff are properly qualified, paid the right rates,  have police checks (and working with children checks) and all the right insurances.

Less stress

Coming home from work after a busy day and  having time to play with the kids when they get home from school, enjoying quality together time all contribute to less stress in your life, and a happier home.    There is the additional bonus of knowing that your home, your most valuable asset after your family, is being well cared for and maintained.


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