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Preparing your workplace for 2021

What a year it’s been. We would like to extend our warmest well wishes to all our clients and readers. It’s been a year like no other. To those who had love ones directly affected, we send you our deepest regards and for those who lost a loved one, our condolences.

As a licensed commercial cleaning company, we have not stopped during the CoVid19 pandemic. We have stayed at the frontline helping to protect our customers and their clients.

For this reason we want to help ensure that risks are minimised as workers return to the workplace for 2021.

The year that was 2020

During the year we:

  • Learned all about PPE, what to wear and how to wear it
  • Expanded our services to include CoVid deep cleaning services
  • Had to learn all about fogging, how to use it, when to use and what products to use to fight CoVid19.
  • Took on new staff
  • Took on more medical centres
  • Trained our staff in correct cleaning processes for CoVid19
  • Were privileged to work on some amazing heritage homes
  • Expanded our Airbnb cleaning services (we were the first in Geelong and still the best)
  • Learned to appreciate our world just that little bit more
  • Possibly lost a few layers of skin due to extra scrubbing!

Why cleaning matters in 2021

Even as we prepare this post, the pandemic is still causing much harm globally, and closer to home, in Sydney. Here in Victoria we weathered some tough times, but hopefully we have learned a lot and understand it will be some time before all precautions are able to be dropped.

It will be vital to be proactive in your workplace for 2021 to try and minimise any further loss of productivity or time. So we offer these suggestions to you:

  • Make sure you have a full clean with deep clean on premises prior to staff returning from the holiday break.
  • Have air conditioning filters cleaned. If you have a HVAC system.
  • Make sure you have a Health/Covid safety plan and that all staff understand it and agree to it. This can include directives around staying home if an employee has a cold or feels unwell, keeping up regular hand washing, not using cloth to wash dishes and avoiding the use of tea towels and hand towels which can harbour germs and bacteria. In addition it is wise to document procedures should a staff member contract CoVid to ensure minimal disruption and immediate action. Check your State government regulations in regards to CoVid Plans.
  • Use a QR code guest register (you can check out the free Geelong based app Siotti ) to avoid handling pens
  • Update your regular cleaning schedule. To protect staff we do recommend using a professional cleaning service. If your own staff are to clean it is important that they understand how they need to approach cleaning and which equipment to use where, and more importantly have appropriate PPe and understand what products to use and how often to use them.
  • We recommend on top of your daily/weekly cleaning schedule you add in seasonal deep cleans. This can help stop the spread of other colds and flu’s as well.
  • Only use experienced and qualified, registered cleaning companies. When it comes to cleaning during a pandemic , professionals are the best option.

If you have any questions about your current cleaning in the Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine and greater Geelong regions, or would like to have discussion or obtain a quote, please call us on 0417 379 181