About Us

Drago Skok founded Australian Customised Cleaning Services in 1998. Since then, he has come to understand that it is his meticulous attention to detail and ability to listen to his customers’ needs which has enabled his company to grow into the region’s premier cleaning operation. His employees are each security checked and have Working with Children certification.

“In my business, I have to be attentive to my clients’ wishes. They want someone they can place their faith in and to know the job will get done promptly, with a minimum of fuss and to a standard which provides safety and hygiene. That’s the advantage my clients have.” Everyone is brought up learning how to clean in a domestic situation. But as life throws more and more challenges at us all, it’s often this cleaning which suffers. Let’s face it, it’s hard to find time to take the kids to sporting commitments and weekend activities, do the shopping, cook healthy meals, do the gardening, walk the dog, put in a 40 – 50 hour week at work, socialise and then muster the will to vacuum and mop the floors! With all those other things we must do, it’s good to know that cleaning doesn’t have to be one.

“Many of my clients just get an extra key cut for us because it makes their lives easier. They go out to work or to do the shopping, we let ourselves in, do the job and the house has been transformed by the time they return. They really appreciate the worry-free and hassle-free outcomes.”