Factory Cleaning

Factories can by their very function, be  dirty places which, for extremely important safety reasons, must be kept clean. We take on this responsibility so that factory managers can rest easily knowing the workplace they are providing for their employees meets the required standards.

Australian Customised Cleaning Services has access to heavy duty cleaning agents and equipment to quickly and efficiently take on the big jobs. This can help to avoid the costly accidents and resultant absenteeism caused by long-term exposure to unhygienic or messy work stations. So, no matter the size of your factory or the nature of the production taking place within it, we can clean up your act leaving your workers free to concentrate on production in a safe and profitable workplace.

Disinfectant Fogging Services can be added to our deep clean services.
Using TGA approved products which have been identified as able to kill bacteria and viruses including Covid19.

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Building Site Cleaning

Australian Customised Cleaning Services can take a newly built house and bring it up to a liveable, sanitary and move-in standard. We remove all the nails, sawdust and other mess builders leave behind to provide a house that’s ready to be transformed into a home. Offering this service to your clients will put a smile on their faces when they realise all that’s left to worry about is where the sofa and the television have to go! Factory construction is a messy business and factory owners know that time is money. Once their new asset is built, they want it to start producing. But it can’t until it’s a safe workplace! That’s where Australian Customised Cleaning Services can help. We can effectively and efficiently bring a newly constructed premises up to the required standard ready for your workforce to produce.