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Appointing your commercial contract cleaner is one of the most important duties for any businesses operating the medical/allied health or wellness industries.

The impact of Covid-19 has shown a need to ensure that high standards of cleaning are met.  

This is one area where expertise and quality must take precedence over price alone.

When it comes to contract cleaning, there are a set of standards that must be met. At Australian Customised Cleaning Services we are proud to be able to comply with them all.

You need to be sure that the company you employ for contract cleaning, not only can carry out routine cleans, but can also provide CoVid deep clean services.

Top 5 Points to consider before engaging a cleaning service

  1. Confirm that the company’s core business is cleaning and that they are  experienced and capable.    Have they been operating for at least 2 years?   
    With Australian Customised Cleaning Services, you benefit from over 20 years of solid commercial cleaning experience.    

  2. Are they recommended by reliable sources?    It’s ok to do a reference check.  Ask to speak to one or two current client referees who are in your industry.  

  3. Check the business has current and adequate insurance, specifically workcover and public liability.

  4. Check that staff are properly trained and experienced and that they are also being correctly paid.   

    Ensuring the business has been fully licensed under the labour hire licensing Act to provide commercial cleaning staff for your business is important.    This gives you peace of mind that all staff have undergone background checks and are being correct remunerated.  

    If licensed, the company will be issued a licencing number and will be listed on the Victorian Labour Hire website.  Our number is VICLHL02594 and you can check this here

  5. Does the company use suitable products including colour coded cloths and mops?   Are vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA Filters? If the contract cleaners are providing Covid cleaning services; are products used approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?      

    The answer is yes, yes, yes when you use Geelong’s premier commercial cleaning company, Australian Customised Cleaning Services.  
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Never hesitate to ask questions before engaging a commercial cleaner. Make sure to agree on the scope of work and cleaning schedule prior to signing off.    

Australian Customised Cleaning Services have been providing professional and thorough cleaning services to Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine and beyond since 1989. 

We know cleaning, we understanding what is needed and can guide you as to the best schedule to suit your needs. 

    You can put your trust in us

Why not talk to us today about your clinic’s cleaning requirements moving into 2021 and beyond?

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