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Kids playing at Childcare centre

It’s been a tough year for many in the Childcare sector.
The event of CoVid-19 has been detrimental for businesses.
As a result it places more emphasis on safer childcare cleaning for facilities.

Children by nature want to be close to each other. They play close, they hug each other and their carers. Which is as it should be.

Wellbeing of children & staff

It’s not just the children in care who are at risk, but the staff too.

Ensuring your centre has a deep clean before the start of each term will provide peace of mind for staff and parents.

A deep clean not only removes Covid-19 from surfaces, but removes other germs and bacteria also. This will help to reduce the spread of the common cold and flu.

When to deep clean?

It is currently required to deep clean premises when a case of Covid-19 has been detected. Children and staff cannot return until cleaning has been completed.

We recommend, until the virus is no longer a threat, that a deep clean be carried out before the start of the new school year. This should help parents to feel more comfortable and help to nurture enrolments. We want to help support Geelong businesses, and in particular the childcare and early learning sector to be back on their feet.

What’s involved in a deep clean?

To fully clean and remove dirt and contamination, we start with a thorough manual clean. This is taken as high up as the average adult can reach. Following this clean, the use of disinfectant fogging is applied to reach into crevices, over ceilings and behind heavy furnishing.

As fogging chemicals sit on surfaces, it is important to fully clean first.

The cleaning must be carried out in full PPE gear and no humans should be in the room for several hours after cleaning.

Only products which have been approved for use against Covid-19 by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) can be used. All of our hospital grade and commercial products used in our deep cleaning have been approved by the TGA.

Would you like to learn more or obtain a quote?

Australian Customised Cleaning specialise in deep cleaning, and in ensuring safer childcare cleaning is carried out.

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For the most recent Australian government advice for the Childcare and Early Learning Sectors, please follow this link.