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clean and modern dental rooms

Why does quality medical centre cleaning matter? A clean and inviting waiting room is an important part of helping your patients to feel comforted, relaxed and with peace of mind.

Are you a general practitioner, dentist, chiropractor or other allied health professional?

You already know that the appearance of your rooms is an important factor in your patient care. However it goes beyond just “looking nice” and smelling fresh. Rooms must be properly disinfected.

During the current global situation, ensuring that cleaning standards are stringent and correctly carried out is a vital part of patient care. We are proud to be on the front line helping to minimise the spread of disease.

image of a clean modern dentists rooms

Don’t leave medical centre cleaning up to your office staff. Calling in a professional team ensures that the job is done correctly and protects them as well.

That said, it is important that staff keep an eye on facilities and make sure to regularly tidy up and to report any spills or accidents immediately.

Quality medical centre cleaning starts with the right products and equipment.

The focus must be on disinfecting of surfaces to provide better patient care. We make sure that disinfectants stay on surfaces long enough to kill the majority of bacteria and viruses.

Upholstery needs to be included in a clean. The arms and backs of chairs can be breeding ground for germs. Nothing is more disturbing that grime embedded fabric seating, so a deep clean on a regular basis is vital here.

You can rest assured that we do regular quality control checks and audits. This is to ensure that our clean continues to meet its high standards of consistency and care. We go above and beyond recommended cleaning standards such as those required by the Victorian Government (you can read them here)

All our services are completely tailored to your needs. You can add or remove aspects of our services as you need. We work to your required schedule of cleaning. Peace of mind for you and for those attending the clinic.

If you currently don’t use a professional commercial cleaning service, or perhaps are not using qualified cleaners, then why not give us a call.