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One of our favourite jobs is helping to keep local schools clean and their  environments safe.

The importance of a clean school environment cannot be overstated, but it’s important that your cleaning company understands Victorian government cleaning standards and uses proper equipment and products and has been assessed and approved by the Victorian government cleaning panel.

Have you reviewed your school contract cleaning arrangements lately?

All of the employees at Australian Customised Cleaning Services have undergone police checks and hold working with children checks. Our staff are trained in which products to use and we ensure that all products are safely stored.

We understand how the funding system works and we can help you to save money on your cleaning products and other supplies such as toilet paper and soaps with our partner suppliers.

Our employees are seen as part of our family and we make sure we look after them – together we are a great team. We pay our workers correctly. It is really important to check you are using an approved contractor. There have been some horror stories of late around some cleaning suppliers (read more here) but with Australian Customised Cleaning Services you can be sure that your school and it’s community are in the right hands.

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So what should your school cleaning contractor do?

At a very minimum your cleaning service should be emptying all bins, wiping down all desks and tables, vacuuming, wet mopping of hard surfaces, dusting and removing things like dead flies from the window sills (yes we do that!).

Sweeping down the front of school, ensuring that mats at the entry way are clean.

Canteen and food/kitchen areas will be cleaned with appropriate food grade cleaning materials (we use colour coded cleaning supplies to ensure compliance).

We will also make note of any issues or hazards which need repair such as broken windows, doors, and emergency lighting etc.

Additional services (usually on a term or annual basis) including window cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing of external buildings.

In addition it’s vital that your cleaning contractor maintains a  register of cleaning chemicals and hazardous substances that complies with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007.

How to choose a cleaning contractor for your school

In Victoria all contract cleaning companies must apply via tender to clean a government operated school.   They must be listed on the Victorian Schools Contract cleaning panel.

A cleaning contractor should be able to demonstrate:
• sound practices to promote occupational health and safety
• sound practices in human resource management
• compliance with relevant industrial awards/instruments
• ability to effectively manage contractual commitments
• ability to provide client focussed services.

You should ensure that the cleaning company has the appropriate experience and professional knowledge to complete the required duties as well as being a financially viable service.   At Australian Customised Cleaning Services we are proud to have been a strong business for over 19 years.

Australian Customised Cleaning proudly supports several schools in the Geelong region.   We welcome invitations to tender for your school at any time.