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One thing Drago has always been proud of, and that is that he has always paid his staff appropriately, and makes sure all background checks are fully complete.

A new law came into effect in October 2019 under the Labour Hire Authority for all Commercial cleaning, and of course Australian Customised Cleaning immediately applied for their license.

We are delighted to report our application has been approved. Consequently, this demonstrates our compliance and legal ability to provide cleaning staff to your business premises, workplace, Airbnb or other commercial enterprise.

Of course although licensing doesn’t apply to domestic cleaning, all of our staff meet the required standards across the board so you can have complete faith in all dealings with Australian Customised Cleaning Services.

What does it mean to be licenced?

Licensing means that you can have complete trust that any staff sent to your commercial premises for cleaning work. You are assured that staff are fully compliant with Australian employment laws and are being paid appropriately. We are proud of always being “one of the good guys”.

In order to obtain a licence part of the conditions include:

  • having a clear criminal history
  • Passing a ‘Fit and Proper Person’ test
  • Proof of Workcover insurance
  • Proof of employee Visa compliance
  • Compliance with legal obligations (eg taxation, superannuation and OHS laws, and paying workers in line with industry awards)
  • Payment of license fee

Cheaper isn’t better

In the cleaning industry there have unfortunately been some players who did not appropriately remunerating their staff, or taking advantage of staff who do not have a proper working visa and other problems. This type of issue has also been seen in the fruit picking industry. The licencing program seeks to ensure that such rogue players no longer operate in Victoria.
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Local and Proud

Australian Customised Cleaning Services have been operating in Geelong, Surfcoast and Bellarine areas for over 22 years.

We are your local, trusted commercial and domestic cleaning company.