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In a world where many of us are on an entrepreneurial journey and working for ourselves, it is important to ensure that we have adequate time for rest and relaxation.

Small Business owners working longer hours

With many small business owners working long hours (a recent study by American express showed that one sixth of Australian small business owners are working in excess of 60 hours a week) it is important for business owners to recognise the need to delegate or outsource certain work.

Decluttering your life can lead to more productivity and a happier outlook.

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It’s not that hard to win back time

One simple way a small business owner can free up some quality time is by engaging a reliable cleaning service, not just to keep the premises in good order, but at home too.

Numerous studies show that small business owners can find a negative impact on their physical and mental health from working excessive hours, but at the same time, the benefits of working for one’s self when things are organised and running smoothly are very positive for mindset.

Having mess and clutter around you both at work and at home can be a negative impact, yet it is something that is easy and affordable to fix.   A recent article we came across also spoke of how clutter can stifle  creativity.  If you rely on your creativity for your work, then having clean space around you creates the right atmosphere for your ideas to develop.

Imagine coming home  and the house is clean and fresh  – all you have to do is walk in, take off your shoes and start enjoying family time.   The weekend is yours when the chores are done.

Engaging a gardener on a regular basis can also give you back plenty of time.  Even if you love being in the garden, more time for planting and growing your veges is available when the general maintenance is done.

Further engaging the services of a bookkeeper and accountant can ensure your cash flow is well managed and takes the pressure off keeping up with your accounting.

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