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Cleaning.  It’s one of the chores that you have to do, but you might not like doing, therefore it’s easy to cut corners.

At Australian Customised Cleaning we never cut corners.  We take pride in ensuring that we get all the dust and fluff out from every corner.    We look under the couch and the beds, we lift the rugs and look behind the TV stand.

There are a few places that we notice often get missed by the average cleaning company and we’ve put them together for you here today.

toaster on fire
The Toaster:

Toasters often get a heavy workout, producing breakfast for days in a row, and often after school and late night snacks.     What many people don’t realise is that a build up of crumbs inside the toaster can actually become a fire hazard.  Those crumbs piling up in the bottom of the toaster can ignite, causing a fire and potentially putting you and your family at risk.


Behind the Doors!

Often doors are left open such as passage way doors, or the door to the bathroom.   Dust and debris tends to build up behind the door.   Always check when you are cleaning for those pesky dust bunnies.

Under the Rug, Cushions, Couch:

Anything that has a space under it has the potential to trap dirt, dust and other particles including food scraps.   This can attract dustmites, silverfish and cockroaches amongst the varied microfauna.     We make sure we check under all these places and remove all the dust and dirt.    Your bonus is we often find your parking meter money!

pointing up

Look up!

Often in our busy lives, its not until we actually take some time out and lie back on the couch that we see dead bugs in the light fittings and cobwebs in the corners.  At Australian Customised Cleaning we always look up.


Behind the Loo:

Dirt and dust, skin and all kinds of debris can be hiding at the back of your toilet.    Making sure to clean behind the toilet will ensure a much fresher experience!


We’ve put together these tips and more into an infograph below.    Please contact us for a no obligation quote for cleaning services for your work and home.


places we forget to cleann