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Cleaning services bring surprising benefits

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Cleaning services are far more affordable than many people think.

There can be several arguments we come across about why you shouldn’t have a regular cleaning help around the house.  Usually comments tend to be along the lines of “cleaning help is an indulgence”, “if you need help your standards are too high” , “it’s classist” or “it’s not that hard to keep your house clean”.
Well if all of those things were true, there wouldn’t be a need for cleaners. The truth of the matter is that hiring help, especially at certain times when you need it, has many benefits.

Back to school

Every parent knows how hectic it is when the children go back to school, particularly where parents are working. Organising homework and the right clothing, making sure uniforms are clean, preparing lunches and snacks and then battling traffic to get the kids to school are exhausting enough. Add in working a busy day, or managing pre-schoolers and you can find yourself burnt out pretty quickly.
Teachers in particular can find this an extremely stressful time. They are staying back long hours, learning about all the new students, setting tasks and correcting and reviewing work. Coming home to cleaning the house isn’t most people’s idea of a joyful time.
This is a great time to book a weekly or fortnightly cleaning session or two. Some cleaning companies will only work to a set schedule, but others, such as we at Australian Customised Cleaning Services organise your cleaning time to suit the things you want us to. You might not want the bath cleaned every week, but you might want us to water the garden or disinfect the wheelie bins. What you will enjoy is coming home from a busy day and finding the house gleaming and suddenly you have family time. You can sit down and relax.

Health Benefits of  hired Cleaning services

Don't clean it yourself

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A major benefit of having someone else dust and vacuum for you is the reduction in allergens around the home. Keeping the house clean may assist in reducing allergens causing asthma (less dust, mold etc). During winter it can also help keep colds at bay.

Less Stress = happier you

Various studies, including one by Cornell University indicated that where there was more stress and mess to come home to, people (women in particular) tended to eat more sweet or fatty foods. This is a common reaction to stress. Not having to worry about whether the cobwebs are done before your relatives visit, or needing to get home to scrub the loo can be a huge relief! Walking in the door with the groceries and not having to do anything more than pop them away = bliss.

Improve safety around the home!

Who would have thought? Having a regular clean can reduce trip hazards and therefore reduce falls (really important for our senior citizens still living in their own homes). Getting our seniors used to having help way before they MUST have help, can make the transition to aging a little easier.
There are also benefits in reducing potential fire hazards by making sure that rubbish isn’t being left around.

It gives you a break

Save time by hiring a cleaner

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There are just times when we need a break. We can feel overwhelmed with our busy lives and trying to do everything. Sometimes something has to give. By allowing yourself the “privilege” of using a cleaner, you give yourself space to breath. This can be vitally important for mental health, especially during times of additional stress in your life, caring for someone with an illness, a new baby, demands of a new job, selling a house, moving to a new home and balancing family needs. If you are feeling stressed out, grumpy and overwhelmed, engaging a cleaner to take care of some of your chores can help you feel renewed again, and gives you back time to do the things you love.

Australian Customised Cleaning Services take pride in the work we do in relation to domestic cleaning needs and those of business and industry. Whatever your needs we can help. Servicing Geelong and Surrounding districts.
Whether it is a once off exit clean when moving or regular cleaning of your business, school, home or other facility, we are here to provide you with the right solution.

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