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Save time with our new Airbnb Cleaning services

Do you host a property with Airbnb or considering starting?   Servicing Geelong and surrounds, our new Airbnb cleaning service addresses a growing need in the rapidly expanding Airbnb rental market.     Our Airbnb Cleaning Services offer you a solution to help you make the most out of hosting.

Rewards of hosting an Airbnb can be substantial

The rewards of hosting an Airbnb property can be substantial, but can be time consuming.    With the opportunity to meet with people from all over Australia and the world!    You can showcase your city or town whilst earning great income.  But Remember you have to manage and greet your guests, do your marketing, manage the bookings – and keep the property looking perfect!

With an average time to clean between tenants of 2 hours, this can really cut into your own time.       By focusing on the areas you  do best –  proudly showing your property and its benefits to your potential guests, you will see a better return.

Airbnb allow you to charge a service fee, so employing a licensed reputable and experienced contract cleaning business won’t cost  you a cent and allows you to add in those extras.   Always charge a bond to cover additional costs should you encounter a guest who leaves rubbish for removal or damages property

You can relax with Australian Customised Cleaning Services

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Benefits of our services:

  • Your property will always look its best – clean and gleaming.
  • Fully qualified and trained staff.
  • Consistency and quality assured.
  • Colour coded cleaning – no cross contamination of kitchen/bathroom.
  • All staff  have a current police check.
  • Customised options to include linen change and laundry if required.
  • With our bulk cleaning contract suppliers, we can even organise restock of supplies such as toilet paper, soaps, dishwashing liquid etc.
  • Less stress for you.
  • We can even help you with maintaining garden through our extended network.

It’s the little touches and presentation that make all the difference and can help you obtain those 5 star reviews – when you focus on the guest and outsource the cleaning.

Airbnb reports that properties with a 5 star cleanliness rating receive around 20% more bookings than lower rated properties

What to be aware of when you take on the cleaning yourself

If you choose to do it yourself there are important considerations to make.

As a host you need to ensure attention to detail in every room.   

This includes :

  • removing fingerprints from surfaces
  • mopping and vaccuming floors,
  • removing any pet hair from furniture (if you allow pets)
  • removing all dust and debris
  • sanitising bathroom surfaces
  • keeping oven and stove tops clean
  • removing food brought in by guests from fridge, and keeping fridge clean and fresh
  • removing all rubbish

You should ensure consistency every time.   Furthermore,  you need to change linen and provide fresh linen each time.   

Most hosts only do a single change of linen per week.   If daily changes are required you would need to charge additional fee.

Australian Customised Cleaning Services have been in business for over 19 years – that  is evidence of   the high quality and consistency of service from Drago and his team.   You can trust Australian Customised cleaning to maintain your property to the highest standard.

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For more information on Responsible hosting on Airbnb in Australia, check out their information booklets here.

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Disclaimer:  We are not associated with, nor represent the Airbnb brand in any capacity.  We are providing a service for those hosts who may wish to alleviate the stress of managing a property.    Anyone considering becoming an Airbnb host should ensure they check with their accountant to make sure they meet all the required standards.   This is a general guidance only and not legal or financial advice.